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For metal tanks that have been upgraded with an internal liner, as shown below, and that do not have cathodic protection (impressed current or sacrificial anodes), the following operation and maintenance is required. 

ü      Within 10 years after lining and at least every 5 years thereafter, the lined tank must be inspected by a trained professional and found to be structurally sound with the lining still performing according to original design specifications. Make sure the professional performing the inspection follows the rules and guidelines as explained in BUSTR’s “Procedures for the Periodic Inspection of Lined Underground Storage Tanks.” 

ü      Keep records of the inspection (as specified by BUSTR and in industry standards for lining inspections).



ü      You may combine internal lining and cathodic protection. 

What if you combine internal lining and cathodic protection? 

ü      If you chose the combination of internal lining and cathodic protection for meeting corrosion protection requirements on your UST, you may not have to meet the periodic inspection requirement for the lined tank. However, you must always meet the requirements for checking and testing your cathodic protection system as described in the corrosion protection “Frank the Tanks” describing impressed current and sacrificial anodes.  The 10-year and subsequent 5-year inspections of the lined tank are not required if the integrity of the tank was ensured when cathodic protection was added.  You should be able to show an inspector documentation of the passed integrity assessment.

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