Tips From

Frank the Tank

Fuel Delivery Checklist

What to do before, during and after fuel delivery!







      Post clear signs indicating to the delivery person what overfill devices and alarms are in use.



      Make and record accurate readings for product and water in the tank before delivery.



      Order only the quantity of fuel that will fit into 90% of the tank. The formula for determining the maximum amount of gasoline to order is:            

        Tank Capacity in gallons X 90% minus product currently in tank =                    Maximum fuel order                                                                  

        Example: (10,000 gal X 0.9 = 9,000 2,000 = 7,000 maximum order)




      Keep fill ports locked until the fuel delivery person requests access.



      Verify that your spill bucket is empty, clean, and will contain spills.



      Verify that the flow restrictor/high level alarm, automatic shutoff, or other overfill device is functional.



      If appropriate, make sure the high level alarm is located where the delivery person can see or hear it.



      Review and understand spill response procedures.



      It is best to have the fuel delivery when staff is present.



      Have spill sorbent pads available in case a spill or overfill occurs.






      Have an accurate tank capacity chart available for fuel delivery person.



      The fuel delivery person makes all hook-ups. The driver and facility personnel assigned to observe should stand by during the entire delivery and be prepared to stop the flow of fuel from the truck should any unusual conditions, leaks, or spills be observed.



      Provide adequate lighting and safety barriers around the fueling zone.






      Following delivery, the driver is responsible for disconnecting all hook-ups.



      Verify the amount of fuel received.



      Make and record accurate readings for product and water in the tank after delivery.



      Make sure fill ports are properly secured.



      Ensure the spill bucket is free of product and clean up any small spills.