Tips From

Frank the Tank


Operation and Maintenance of 

Automatic Tank Gauging

 A simple Automatic Tank Gauging System (ATGS) will detect leaks only from tanks. To detect leaks from piping, you will need an ATGS that supports connection to line leak detectors. The following checklist can help you avoid some common problems and make sure your ATGS is working as required: 


 Know your ATGS.

 Insist that your ATGS installer trains you and provides clear instructions in the proper operation and maintenance of the ATGS. 

 Make sure your ATGS

 is constantly on and plugged into the power source.


 Respond to alarms. 

 Ignoring an alarm defeats the purpose for having the ATGS. Don’t ignore the “FAIL” alarm. 

Run your ATGS in its “test mode”

 at least once a month. You must test when the tank is relatively full. 


 Have your ATGS

 maintained and calibrated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure you read the directions in the manual that came with your ATGS. Don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer or installer for help.


 Report problems. 

 You must report test results indicating a leak to BUSTR within 24 hours


 Keep records. 

 Unless you are keeping records of actual release detection results every 30 days, you are not performing leak detection. Keep at least one year’s worth of ATGS printouts.


 Put ATGS monitoring in the most responsible hands. 

 Do not rely on the vigilance of part- time or under-trained employees. If necessary, have ATGS alarms go to a central, 24-hour contact or use other mechanisms that put ATGS monitoring in the most responsible hands.

 Protect your ATGS investment by making sure your ATGS installer:


Trains you in proper operation of the ATGS.


Demonstrates that the ATGS has been correctly installed and programmed for the tank it monitors.


Gives you an operation manual, schedules and documentation for calibration/maintenance, third-party evaluation, and phone numbers for technical support.


Schedules maintenance with you as required by the manufacturer’s instructions.

Compliance with UST regulations is a pre-requisite for remaining eligible for Fund coverage and claim reimbursement.